Salmon Seasoning

Salmon Seasoning

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Sweet Paprika - Dill - Coriander

A colourful sweet seasoning for salmon. 

Use this seasoning to flavour your next salmon dish. Simply roll and coat your salmon prior to cooking. Try on a pan-seared or home-smoked fillet, or a barbecue salmon steak. 

Spice level: mild.

Wild Fennel Co is a range of gourmet seasonings for meat & fish, inspired by traditional flavour pairings from around the world. Designed to be simple to use, versatile and full of flavour, our seasonings will enhance your favourite recipes and inspire new creations.

Whats in the seasonings....herbs, spices, salt and sugar. Honestly that's it! They don't need anything else as they are made to be used not sit on a shelf. 

Simply coat, rub, roll or sprinkle onto your meat or fish prior to cooking for a punch of flavour.

 30gm Sachet

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