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Ena Tte Papatahi

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Ena Te Papatahi


Ena Te Papatahi was one of Charles Goldie’s favourite models and this is one of his earliest portraits of her. Artwork done in 1902. Goldie specialised in painting realistic portraits of Maori. He sought out elderly subjects, particularly those wearing traditional moko (facial tattoo). With thin glazes of oil paint on finely grained canvas, and using fine brushes, Goldie shows great skill in depicting the wrinkled skin, the hair and the gauzy thinness of Ena Te Papatahi’s yellow scarf.

Born in Auckland, Goldie was the son of a prosperous timber merchant. He began exhibiting at the Auckland Society of Arts when he was 15 and still at school. He studied with the professional painter Louis J. Steele in Auckland before leaving for Paris to study at the Académie Julian. On his return to Auckland in 1898 he began to specialise in Māori portraits. In 1920 Goldie went to Sydney but alcoholism and ill health prompted his return to New Zealand in 1922.

Size 35 x 27.5cm (15 x 17cm) Pre-Matted Print. Packaged with plastic sleeve to maintain quality of print. 

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