Bunka Cleaver - Pre Order


Vegetable Cleaver 

Handcrafted by the Metalman himself. Aka Albury Forge.

When cared for properly these cleavers will last generations and as such are considered Heirloom pieces. 

They are completely handmade along with all the grinding done freehand making each totally unique. 

Handle - Wa styled and constructed from unstabilised Black Maire (a light coloured NZ native hardwood) and stabilised Australian Myrtle with a black spacer. 

Blade - 15n20 high carbon steel with hidden tang construction.  

The steel will develop a natural patina with use, this is normal add character  and offer some protection against corrosion. 

For best rentention of your blade edge, and end grain cutting board is recommended.

Care & Maintenance - Handwash thoroughly after use with detergent, rinse and dry immediately. Do not leave immersed in water. Not dishwasher safe. Lightly oil with light cooking oil or food grade mineral oil. 

Size:12-3/4" (32cm) overall length, Blade length 7" (175cm)

Please note as these are a hand crafted product please allow up to 4 weeks for manufacturing.