Faroe Scandinavian Sheepskin


Faroese sheep are very robust and live out in the wild all
year round, largely fending for themselves in the harsh,
changeable weather.
The wool of Faroese sheep has two layers – an inner
layer, which is short and soft, and an outer layer, which
is coarser and longer. Faroese sheep have never been
subject to industrialisation, which means that the colour
of the skins varies greatly, and each one is unique. The
Faroese sheepskins are health-certified and meet EU
veterinary requirements.
Useful tips on maintaining and caring for your sheepskin:
• Shake it regularly
• Vacuum it regularly
• Air it – ideally in frosty weather. It can also be put in
the freezer overnight
• If you spill something on it, wipe it with a damp cloth
• Brush it through to keep it looking nice


Dimensions: Length 1200mm | Width 800mm | Material: Faroe Island Sheep Skin