Meet The Maker #6: NED Collections

Meet The Maker | NED Collections 

A professional rugby player and qualified architectural designer Brett Mather and Dan Webb are an interesting combination. 


NED Collections was founded by Brett and Dan in 2015 with a home base of Christchurch, New Zealand. Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated they supply original collections of fine furniture, ceramics, planters, storage, mirrors, gifts and more.

Brett was a professional Rugby player for 10 years before teaming up with Dan to create the company. Being involved with home renovations during his rugby career really sparked a passion for interiors. 

Dans roots run deep with design and creativity. A qualified architectural designer (co-owner of Threefold Architecture) Dan lends his hand well in finding new products with a fantastic eye for quality ceramics.

NED Collections are sourced globally and hand selected. Travelling as far as Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Africa. Dan and Brett both have a keen eye for interiors and clean design with an eclectic edge. 


The Harmie vase is one of our most popular in the collection and is inspired by Vietnamese Artisans, The Harmie gives that hand-crafted feel, in a modern colour palette.

 The NED collection is available here

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