Meet The Maker #4: Gathered Game

Meet The Maker | Gathered Game 


Gathered Game is all about the art of smoke, salt and wild New Zealand game.


When Chris Thorn headed to Europe on his OE in his teens, he fell in love - with the high-quality cured meats available. Despite not being a butcher, he and wife Sally have turned that passion into a business that has received national recognition. Based in the small Southland town of Lumsden now but originally from Auckland, Chris grew up in the city and was always interested in hunting but not allowed a gun. Getting around this he learned how to shoot with a bow and arrow and was placed third in the world bow hunting championships, competing in the under-18 category, in Australia.


Gathered game cures naturally the traditional old fashioned way. Awarded Artisan producer of the year at the 2017 New Zealand Food Awards.  The products were also recognised with a Cuisine Artisan Award for innovative story behind the product. Each pack has a batch number that allows tracking through their website the exact details and location of the specific wild deer of which it was made.

Produced and sourced locally, all Gathered Game products use natural ingredients: 100% wild organic Red Deer meat mixed with herbs, spices and a touch of free range NZ pork fat. They are gluten free, dairy free and wild organic – no hormones, anti-biotics or artificial feed as the deer are not farmed.  Venison is a nutrient dense super meat, high in protein, rich in iron and low in fat.

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