Meet The Maker #12: Mulberi Rugs

Meet The Maker | Mulberi Rugs


Handwoven in India by Goodweave certified rug weavers and the knowledge of craftspeople handed down through generations, using traditional techniques that have stood the test of time. 


These individuals know their craft intimately, from picking the finest yarns and fibres to hand tufting intricate and multi coloured designs. The precision, attention to detail and pride in the manufacture is something only achievable in a carefully handmade product. 

Finding the good weave label on the back of Mulberi rugs means you can trust that you are making an ethical purchase, free of child labour. 

Each piece tells a story and is an inspiring addition to a space. Introduce texture, pattern and fringing into your space with any of our stunning rugs in trend-driven natural tones.

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