Meet The Maker #11: Essentially Tamara

Meet The Maker #11: Essentially Tamara

Meet The Maker | Essentially Tamara


"My creativity ran wild, and my excitement grew as I set about on my new journey from home."

Essentially Tamara was founded in May 2019, with a focus on making a beautiful, premium and environmentally friendly product called a shower bomb.  Providing a way for every person to turn their routine shower time into a ritual of self-care that you can look forward to daily. Just knowing that you are going to have those 10 minutes of time to yourself, surrounded by the steamy warmth of the shower and the beautiful fragrances, is something really lovely to look forward to when our days and lives are so hectic.

The business was thought up and created by Tamara, who wanted to turn the normal, boring shower experience into something wonderful, something to be looked forward to and enjoyed. Starting out in humble beginnings working from a repurposed garage at home, to now having designated premises and a fantastic team of awesome ladies who put so much love and care into every shower bomb made. As a company Essentially Tamara pride on being a socially responsible employer. The typical profile of our employees are mothers with young children at school who are looking to generate an income.

Sustainability and environmental factors are also top priorities for this business, all products are vegan-friendly and completely cruelty free.  Trying as much as possible only to use recyclable or biodegradable materials. Safe for the environment, without exception. All products are free of parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. Due to the nature of the ingredients needed to make shower bombs, they do need to be packaged in plastic to protect them from moisture. However, the plastic is biodegradable which means that 3-5 years of being in landfill conditions, the plastic will completely biodegrade without leaving any trace of the original polymer components which were used to make the plastic in the first place.
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