Meet The Maker #15 Ico Traders

Meet The Maker #15 Ico Traders


Meet The Maker #15 | Ico Traders 


    Ico traders are the newest range to our collection, founded in 2012 we love a Kiwi company!


Miranda Osborne came from an art and fashion background and its clear from the product line that she has a creative and stylish mind. Everything designed must pass the test of being functional in day to day life. The designs are simple, sturdy and multifunctional. Most products have more than one use or purpose and are light enough that they can be moved from room to room, space to space, inside to outside, as they are needed.

We love a well rounded product here at Matilda & The Metalman and the Bantay nesting tables are definitely that. Furniture that can do more than one job is essential, especially in small and minimalist homes.   


The beauty of these tables is that you are the master of how they are placed. There is no upside, downside or back to front.  You can sit them tall or sit them low, magazine holders up the top, or turn it flat side up & books at the bottom.  Even when placed on their sides, the loopy rolls will hold your favourite reads.


The range of colour options got us fizzing at our viewing, staff faves are toffee and sage! Custom colour ways are also available!

The Benmore bench would look great in a hallway but it can also be moved for extra dining seats or taken outside during summer entertaining, the options are endless, we can even see it used at the end of a bed to prop up cushions and throws.

We are so excited to bring this range in store.. watch this space for updates!



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Meet The Maker #14 Solmate Socks

Meet The Maker #14 Solmate Socks

Meet The Maker  | Solmate Socks 


Whimsically mismatched socks are designed to accentuate style and natural beauty - meant to be worn with confidence and pride.

Solmate Socks was started in the year 2000 by Marianne Wakerlin with the simple idea that “Life’s too short for matching socks.” As a lifelong textile artist with a wonderful eye for design and keen instinct for business, she knew there was a market for beautifully crafted, mismatched socks. Made from a cotton blend: 62% Recycled Cotton, 22% Recycled Polyester, 15% Nylon, 1% Lycra.

Multi-patterned and colourful they are a great ethical and environmental winner. Totally unique they also make an excellent gift.

Working in collaboration with RecoverTex, Solmate Socks utilise recycled cotton yarns made from remnants from production scraps and used clothing. While these scraps would normally go into a landfill, Recover's Upcycling System allows them to turn regular textile waste into quality, upcycled yarns. These remnants are ground down and re-spun, without adding any additional dyes or colours in this process, keeping them as "clean" as possible. These recycled yarns are also certified by the Global Recycling Standard, making them even that much more awesome and approved for you.

Solmate Socks are a certified B Corps™ company, certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. One of only 2,500 companies worldwide to receive this certification. Earning B Corp status for commitment to sustainability, treatment of employees, and decision making. The certification matters because it signals commitment to community, makes public all intentions as a company, and validates practices through rigorous outside review.

We know the importance of socks. They not only provide warmth and protection for our precious feet, but also a cozy sense of comfort. Despite this, socks are the most needed items at homeless shelters across the US, but the least often donated. Solmate has been donating socks for the past 20 years to various charity groups across the US, including family services organizations, refugee centers and homeless shelters.

They don't just look great but are practical too. They don't slip down and get lost inside boots, are lovely and natural, breathable and dry quickly. They are also great for snuggling up on the couch!

 Life is too short for matching socks! Shop the Solmate range here!

Large / Women's 10-12, Men's 9-11

Med / Women's 8-10, Men's 7-9

Small / Women's 6-8, Men's 5-7

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Meet The Maker #13: Bedtonic

Meet The Maker #13: Bedtonic

Meet The Maker #13 | Bedtonic 


 With a colour palate reflecting nature, the buttery soft linen by Bedtonic has a soothing and calm vibe. 

Bedtonic’s founder and creative director, Julie Ramsay, grew up in scenic Lake Wanaka, with her seamstress mother and her father, who worked in the rafting business. It’s obvious where her creativity and love for sustainability originates. 
Bedtonic is made from 100% European flax linen bedding and loungewear, grown and harvested entirely in Europe to European Flax® certified standards. This means flax growers and traders follow ethical and sustainable best practices to guarantee traceability and accountability through each stage of production. Bedtonic linen is of premium quality and a dream to sleep in year- round, it keeps you cosy warm in winter and cool in summer.          
Bedtonic throws in a twist of sustainability and quality. From the placement of buttons, to the quality of materials and packaging, making everyday living sustainable, safe and effortless.



 Made to last, linen bedding gets softer with every wash! Matilda & The Metalman staff have all been converted to linen sheets and can't get enough of the durability and hypoallergenic qualities, not to mention the fact that they are just super comfortable and great for every season. 

In 2021 we added Bedtonics loungewear to our store, the same buttery soft linen can now be on your skin all day long. 

The Mae Ruffle Dress emphasises femininity through tiers of ruffles and soft folds. Cut with a dropped waist for a relaxed fit, this piece has gathered layers, a button through the front and a curved hem falling longer at the back. Mae is a dress perfect for summer with plenty of airflow around the body or can be worn unbuttoned over a t-shirt. Its relaxed and flowing silhouette is great for those days when you want to feel feminine and careless. 

The Lottie Shirt is now available in three colour ways and boasts a gathered scoop neck with button closure at the back. Raglan sleeves feature a dropped panel with gathers. 



Check out the bed tonic range in store and online here!

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Meet The Maker #12: Mulberi Rugs

Meet The Maker #12: Mulberi Rugs

Meet The Maker | Mulberi Rugs


Handwoven in India by Goodweave certified rug weavers and the knowledge of craftspeople handed down through generations, using traditional techniques that have stood the test of time. 


These individuals know their craft intimately, from picking the finest yarns and fibres to hand tufting intricate and multi coloured designs. The precision, attention to detail and pride in the manufacture is something only achievable in a carefully handmade product. 

Finding the good weave label on the back of Mulberi rugs means you can trust that you are making an ethical purchase, free of child labour. 

Each piece tells a story and is an inspiring addition to a space. Introduce texture, pattern and fringing into your space with any of our stunning rugs in trend-driven natural tones.

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Meet The Maker #11: Essentially Tamara

Meet The Maker #11: Essentially Tamara

Meet The Maker | Essentially Tamara


"My creativity ran wild, and my excitement grew as I set about on my new journey from home."

Essentially Tamara was founded in May 2019, with a focus on making a beautiful, premium and environmentally friendly product called a shower bomb.  Providing a way for every person to turn their routine shower time into a ritual of self-care that you can look forward to daily. Just knowing that you are going to have those 10 minutes of time to yourself, surrounded by the steamy warmth of the shower and the beautiful fragrances, is something really lovely to look forward to when our days and lives are so hectic.

The business was thought up and created by Tamara, who wanted to turn the normal, boring shower experience into something wonderful, something to be looked forward to and enjoyed. Starting out in humble beginnings working from a repurposed garage at home, to now having designated premises and a fantastic team of awesome ladies who put so much love and care into every shower bomb made. As a company Essentially Tamara pride on being a socially responsible employer. The typical profile of our employees are mothers with young children at school who are looking to generate an income.

Sustainability and environmental factors are also top priorities for this business, all products are vegan-friendly and completely cruelty free.  Trying as much as possible only to use recyclable or biodegradable materials. Safe for the environment, without exception. All products are free of parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. Due to the nature of the ingredients needed to make shower bombs, they do need to be packaged in plastic to protect them from moisture. However, the plastic is biodegradable which means that 3-5 years of being in landfill conditions, the plastic will completely biodegrade without leaving any trace of the original polymer components which were used to make the plastic in the first place.
Shop Essentially Tamara here
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Meet The Maker #10: TWIGG Jewellery

Meet The Maker #10: TWIGG Jewellery

Meet The Maker | Twigg Jewellery 


Most of TWIGG jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Launched in 2015, TWIGG Jewellery was started with the desire of creating stylish collections of beautiful products. It's one our most popular ranges, with so many unique and beautiful designs you can be sure to find a stunning gift or treat for yourself. 

The TWIGG porcelain jewellery line is made in small batch designs with every piece individually crafted and unique in itself. Fired multiple times in a kiln, and then individually hand finished with gold lustre or plain sterling silver hooks and hoops.


TWIGG pride on being creative, innovative and a little crazy at times! Maybe why we love them so much here at Matilda & the Metalman! 

Explore Twigg jewellery here. 

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Meet The Maker #9: The Perfume Oil Co

Meet The Maker #9: The Perfume Oil Co

Meet The Maker | The Perfume Oil Co 

The Perfume Oil Company offers a collection of Perfume Oils that are sure to delight.

NEW to Matilda & The Metalman, The Perfume Oil Company,  based in Melbourne Australia, offering a collection of roll-on oil perfumes with a a sheer and lasting scent. These beautiful oils are compact and easy to carry. Nestled in a sturdy, cylinder box, these 10ml oils are packaged in a chic, square bottle with glass roller ball for easy application.

The first collection is based solely on Pure Essential Oils. This range offers perfume fragrances that are blended with Pure Essential Oils only, covering notes that are fresh, citrus, floral and woody. We also include 4 fragrances that blend Pure Essential Oils with Fine Fragrance, to include some of the most precious oils used to create perfume. This collection is recommended to those who are particularly sensitive to scent.

The second collection is the Designer range, formulated with the use of both Pure Essential and A grade, Fine Fragrance Oils. These scents draw inspiration from some of the world's top fashion and cosmetic houses, and are favourites amongst men and women of all ages.


Traditional perfumes and colognes as we know them, are comprised of at least 80 to 90% alcohol content. The alcohol acts as the carrier for the fragrance oil. When applied to the skin, the alcohol is very drying, which can lead to irritation (allergic reaction) and evaporates off the skin, hence a short fragrance time span.
Perfume Oils have become very popular and of superior quality than that of traditional, straight Perfume or Cologne. Perfume Oils are purer, longer-lasting and not as over-powering. 

Shop our range in store and online here.

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Meet The Maker #8 Soek Eyewear

Meet The Maker #8 Soek Eyewear

Introducing Soek Eyewear. 

Specifically designed to achieve that perfect balance between style and comfort.

In keeping with SOEK® values, glasses are created with sustainable wooden arms and thoughtfully designed frames, to create sunglasses and reading glasses to enable you to look fabulous while knowing your purchase is having a meaningful impact on the planet. The timber comes from ethically sourced and managed forests which are bound by the sustainable forestry management standards of the FSC.

Created by Lize-Mari and Mia, with a vision to create a range of ethically sourced, fun, practical and great quality eyewear that were also fantastic value. The word ‘soek’ means “search”. SOEK® would love nothing more than for all of you to never stop searching…for that “secret” beach, that forever friendship, that trail that led to that amazing waterfall, that unconditional love, that song that takes your breath away…that perfect pair of sunglasses (DONE – that was easy!).

Sunglasses are handcrafted to suit most face shapes and sizes, plus with spring loaded hinges mean that each pair of ightweight shades will stretch to your face size and sit comfortably. Polarised lenses at UV400 (100% UVA/UVB) and adhere to Category 3 High Protection against sun glare.

Soek Blue Light Blocking Readers were specifically designed to create a fashionable magnifying range of eyewear that also reduces digital eye-strain and blue light exposure. Blue Light Blocking Readers will help common symptoms such as: Digital eye strain and tired eyes, blurred vision and dry eyes, headaches and dizziness and sleep disruption. They are available with a magnifying lens of either +1.5/ +2 /+2.5. 


Available here....


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Meet The Maker #7: Bianca Lorenne

Meet The Maker #7: Bianca Lorenne

Meet The Maker | Bianca Lorenne 

Established in 2005 to fulfil a passion, Bianca Lorenne went about creating gorgeous bed linen and all things beautiful.

Alison Nottingham the founder of NZ brand Bianca Lorenne, took the name from her two daughters Bianca and Lauren. This family owned business started from home and has grown to distributing through independent stores and interior designers throughout Australasia.


This handcrafted range of interior products is created in a refined colour palette suitable for both the classic and contemporary home. Exclusive limited editions are released every six months. With the purpose to design exquisite bed linen, home textiles and interior products Bianca Lorenne is fashioned by skilled artisans. 


Bianca Lorenne uses only the highest quality materials, insist on impeccable finishing and never forget the important little details. 

A bed dressed in Bianca Lorenne linen is visually pleasing, inviting and above all practical.
Bianca Lorenne collection available here

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Meet The Maker #6: NED Collections

Meet The Maker #6: NED Collections

Meet The Maker | NED Collections 

A professional rugby player and qualified architectural designer Brett Mather and Dan Webb are an interesting combination. 


NED Collections was founded by Brett and Dan in 2015 with a home base of Christchurch, New Zealand. Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated they supply original collections of fine furniture, ceramics, planters, storage, mirrors, gifts and more.

Brett was a professional Rugby player for 10 years before teaming up with Dan to create the company. Being involved with home renovations during his rugby career really sparked a passion for interiors. 

Dans roots run deep with design and creativity. A qualified architectural designer (co-owner of Threefold Architecture) Dan lends his hand well in finding new products with a fantastic eye for quality ceramics.

NED Collections are sourced globally and hand selected. Travelling as far as Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Africa. Dan and Brett both have a keen eye for interiors and clean design with an eclectic edge. 


The Harmie vase is one of our most popular in the collection and is inspired by Vietnamese Artisans, The Harmie gives that hand-crafted feel, in a modern colour palette.

 The NED collection is available here

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