Seasons Change

Seasons Change

The change of seasons can be a great time for a home refresh. With the summer behind us and winter months still ahead, it is time to create a comforting sanctuary where we feel snug, warm and cozy all winter.

Add some new seasonal accessories or elements, or play around with different furniture or arrangements and even paint colours. We have a customer with a cushion cupboard, as Autumn creeps in she switches out her summer look easily with a change of accessory! This can easily be achieved with bedlinen, artwork, floor coverings or a different home fragrance too. 


Home decor is about simple pleasures, and doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, get creative and use what you have. Sheepskins, cashmere, cups of tea and delicious candles scream Autumn. Switching out the cool crisp linens for some rich fabrics and autumnal shades, bringing the firewood back indoors and filling a basket with pinecones. 


As the days grow shorter, it's a great time to play with lighting. Lamps, candles and new shades can all assist you to create a cosy, relaxing ambience. 



Why not switch up your drink too, hibiscus sangria is a great by the fire, comfy winter tipple. You will need 30mL Hibiscus Syrup (available in store), Red wine (pinot noir gets my vote) Orange slices & Frozen Raspberries.


Hope you're inspired to embrace Autumn and if anyone needs us we'll be over here with a wool throw, toffee candle and pitcher of hibiscus sangria!